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Why, hello there! I hope you still remember me!

I know, I know, it’s been more than a year since I’ve written anything on this blog, and there are many things I’ve wanted to write about since but never got around to it. But after spending a fun and relaxed brunch with a few mom bloggers last week, I think I was touched by just the right amount of inspiration to actually sit down and write again ;)

When Michelle of Momma ’N’ Manila invited me to Mothers Who Brunch, a monthly gathering of moms she is organizing with Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina at the Viking Range showroom, I said yes for the following reasons:

1. Michelle was cooking.
2. Michelle was cooking.
3. Michelle was cooking.

If you’re even just slightly acquainted with her blog or her Instagram account, you will know that this lady is awesome in the kitchen. Plus, she was co-organizing it with Sabrina, another kitchen superstar…I mean, really. There was no reason to say no.

Sabrina and Michelle welcoming us to Mothers Who Brunch.

We were encouraged to cook, snap, eat and chat. (I can do three out of those four things. Can you guess which three?)

Since getting married to an awesome cook, I’ve never really had to spend time in the kitchen, so cooking intimidates me. I usually only cook when these three things converge:

a) My husband is not home.
b) I am not in the mood for Spam.
c) I am starving to death.

Thankfully, all the other guests at the event were cooks (I enjoyed my meal seated beside Joey, who I realized, after a bit of internet stalking, is the food blog superstar of 80 Breakfasts), so I happily extended moral support and took photos (and more than a few nibbles) while they prepared the food.


Tina and Cai cooked. I snapped.


I have no real reason for including this pic other than the fact that I like it,
and to thank you for taking the time to actually read all the way down here ;P


After the food was prepared (by everyone else), we were treated to a mini-workshop on food styling and mobile photography by the amazing Clarisse and Ezra, the king of funny one-liners.



This was my shot:



Viking has been around for 30 years, and has built a solid reputation for bringing professional-quality kitchen appliances to the home. I’ve always like the very macho, sexy look of industrial kitchens, but Viking has successfully incorporated timeless design that softens it just enough for the home. 

Stainless is sexy.

One of Viking Range’s strongest points is its service. If (on the slim chance) you encounter a problem with your appliance, Viking guarantees two things:
1. Qualified service personnel will be at your doorstep within four hours of contacting their customer service department.
2. If repairs cannot be done during the visit, a service unit will be sent to you immediately.


Viking also guarantees lifetime serviceability. This means that should you need a part for your twenty-year-old range, they will have it. This makes the purchase of a Viking appliance a once-in-a-lifetime event, because they are built to last, and a real value purchase. 


At the end of the brunch, we were sent home with some really awesome stuff:


Here's a macro shot of the pretty sugar flower atop the Shorb,
or the sugar orb we got from Shorts Gourmet, plus a ton of yummy shortbread.


The cupcake is one of four from The Flour Girl,
and the wooden board a thoughtful gift from Mothers Who Brunch.


These lemons from Lemon and Greens were so fragrant!


Thank you, Michelle and Sabrina, for a lovely Saturday brunch!


 Lovely spending time with Clarisse, Tina, Cat, Nicole, Sabrina, Joey, Michelle, Ezra and Michelle.

Mothers Who Brunch was also made possible by
Fotogra Books
Glad Kitchen
Hydration Nation


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